Humble Bundle and update!


We are excited to announce that Syder Arcade is now part of the 9th Humble Bundle for PC and Android! Paying above the average, you will get nine DRM free games for PC and Android. All the games in the bundle are available on Steam and you are free to choose how much you want to pay for all of them.

We also just released a small patch to fix some achievement bugs reported by the users. The patch includes:
– “Death Dealer III” and “Dodge This” achievements fix;
– Fixed a bug that was preventing some enemy waves to spawn in Shield Nebula and War Stories levels;
– Unepic “baby dragons” pods have now slightly less health;
– Overseer wraiths pods now fire orange bullets instead of white bullets;
– The Overseer has now a “cast” animation when firing its special weapon.

In the next few days, we will finally align Syder Arcade version on all the other platforms to the Steam release. We will release a bigger update that includes new content and fixes very soon, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or join our Community Hub to know what’s coming next.

Retweet challenge for a new playable starship


Syder Arcade is now 75% off for the rest of the week and what better occasion to announce a new community challenge? The rules are simple, the final prize is a big one: new ingame content! If this tweet will be retweeted at least 100 times before January 27th we will introduce in the next update a new spaceship. You can also help us find an awesome name posting in the apposite community thread.

1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Retweet this tweet
3. Leave a comment here with your name idea
4. Help us to reach 100 retweets before the end of Syder Arcade sales
5. Wait for your new playable starship

We will update the official thread soon with more information about the additional starship. Go and spread the news!

Free Update: new ship, new levels and Linux version!

“Around Christmas time everyone is good”. Exept for us. It is just coincidence that we decided to make our players a gift exactly in this moment. It is just by chance that a super extra new free Syder Arcade update is now downloadable on Steam. Let us tell you quickly some of the biggest changes we made.


A new playable starship: the Overseer! Fast and deadly in combat, has low armor and very short shield on her special weapon. She heavily relies on wraiths for damage and survivability. Her special weapon builds up quicker then the other ships, but has to be properly timed to maximize its potential.


Two new challenge levels! In the Ice Canyon, you will race against time on the frozen moon of Ymir. The Lighthouse will see you defending the last bastion of Miza against a brutal pirate assault. New achievements have been appositely created!


Linux gamers, this is your moment! After months of patient waiting, you can finally play Syder Arcade on your favorite OS. The current version is still a beta but works for most of the people who tested it. If you have any feedback or comment drop us an email!

A new powerup has been created in collaboration with the creator of a great video game. If you own both Syder Arcade and UnEpic on Steam, some of your Syder pods (both drones and overseer wraiths) will be transformed into cute, pixelated Baby Dragons from UnEpic. Also, you should check your UnEpic game too: you can now have a WASP from Syder as a pet!

Enjoy the new content and remember to join our community hub on Steam!

Mizan starfighters united!


Hello starfigthers!
Many of you already joined our forces in the battle for the Steam leaderboards. Every day we see new highscores and our Community Hub growing up fast. As promised long time ago, we are providing Steam keys of the game to all the people who purchased Syder Arcade on other platforms before the new release. If you are among them and you are not destroying aliens on Steam yet check out here how to get your personal key.

We already sent keys for:
– Purchased made on our website;
Humble Store;
The Greenlight Bundle.
If you didn’t get it, check your spambox and then contact the responsible of the store/bundle.

If your purchased Syder Arcade on Desura, Gamersgate or Amazon or you got it through IndieFort bundle please send an email to contacts[at] including your account name, a screenshot of Syder Arcade in your library and the invoice of your purchase. We will send you a key asap!

We’re going LIVE in 5…4…3…2…

It’s time to reveal the day when your race for the first place in the Steam Syder Arcade leaderboard will begin: set your calendar to October 24th and get ready to join us in our newly launched Community Hub!


With more than a year behind us it certainly seemed like we’ve crossed the universe in search of a port to call home, but now that day is nearly upon us. Many of you have supported us all this time, patiently waiting to see Syder Arcade getting greenlit, and we can’t stress enough how grateful we are.


As we already announced, we want to thank all of you planning for the next updates of the game some Steam features and upgrades that will be ready soon after launch. Remember that among these new additions we are preparing some special rewards dedicated to our supporters! Badges, cards, emoticons and new achievements will be immediately available at launch! We will wait for you to celebrate together in our Community Hub in a few days!

Cards! Badges! Emoticons!

The Syder Arcade release date is getting closer and we are working to prepare as much additional stuff as we can to make your Steam experience complete. We are the first ones who love to collect cards, win badges and try to get all the achievements available. Here is a first sneak peek of two of the cards you will be able to collect!

Watch out for the aliens!

Watch out for the aliens!

Protect the Orinoco!

Protect the Orinoco!

We are going to show you soon more goodies (spoiler alert: we have emoticons too!). In the meantime, here you are some updates about what happened in the last few weeks.

supergamerTokyo Game Show 2013 visitors had the chance to play Syder Arcade HD on the Android tablet Supergamer Ole. This is really being a great moment for our players from East Asia, as the game is going to be soon released in its Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions thanks to our friends Strastar.

To close this round up of news, the Web TV C-100 hosted us in one of the new episodes of their show Project Nerd. Our (Italian) followers who missed the stream may now watch the whole interview on YouTube.

A Galaxy of Gratitude

Good news are always a great engine for ideas and innovations, and here in Studio Evil we definitely had the best of the news! Starting from this post we will share with you minions tons of updates about Syder Arcade and everything related!

First of all, two days ago we had some amazing time during our first streaming on Twitch, together with the people who voted and supported us and our game! If you missed the stream just check the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Twitch channel!

We decided to make this video because our supporters are the real heroes of our Steam adventure: we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support of our passionate gamers!

Syder Arcade getting greenlit is a good reason for partying and celebrating, but the time has come to put our brains back to work!  Here a list of some new amazing feature we are creating for this new Steam release!

  • Badges and cards! We are trying to imagine the funniest and most interesting ones, and we would like to create hundreds of them but we have to choose! Which card would you like to see?
  • We are working on Steam Big Picture support: we want allow our gamers to play Syder Arcade in the way they prefer!
  • Some new amazing content, such as a new spaceship that will join Mule, Wasp and Dart in their battle.


We really want to thank again the little evil minions who never stopped supporting us! For this reason will pick a few of them and create some special dedicated cameos inside the game! And this, of course, is just the beginning.

Full STEAM ahead!


Two days already passed and now we can be reasonably sure that it wasn’t all a dream: Syder Arcade got greenlit!
We are very excited for all the things about to happen (somebody said ‘new features’?) but before we start, it’s time to celebrate with the ones who made this possible:


We want to thank all the people who supported us and this is why we decided to have a Twitch party!
We are going to stream our evil faces next Monday 23 on our twitch channel:

The show/stream/party will start at 12:30 p.m. EST, or 18:30 CET (Italy).
This website might help if you want to see what time will be in your own timezone:

We will be talking the new Steam features and the rewards for our bestest supporters during our long greenlight campaing. It’s also going to be a great opportunity for you to get in touch with Studio Evil, answer your questions about Syder, the team and what is going to happen next.

We really hope you will be able to join us!